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Direction to the fMRIF

The fMRI Facility is located in building 10 on the main NIH Campus in Bethesda, Maryland. Several useful map are available from the main NIH website. You can also find the NIH campus on Google Maps. A labelled map of all of the NIH buildings is available here.


Map of the NIH Clinical Center - Building 10


Building 10 Map


The above map of the first floor of the NIH Clinical Center which is also called Building 10. FMRIF offices are  best accessed from the south entrance of building 10. Proceed past the NIH Library and the main elevators. Turn left down the N Corridor and left again at the 1D Corridor. The FMRIF offices are at the end of the hall. Our scanners are located one floor below the FMRIF offices in the NMRF Center. If you are coming to participate in a study, there is a receptionist and a waiting room immediately inside the NMRF Center. Please make a note of which scanner you will be scanned on and the name of the investigator who will be scanning you.

 Map of the NMRF Center

Map of NMRF



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